Schucker, James - Illustrator, Painter, 1903-1988 Print

James Schucker

Date of Birth: 1903
Place of Birth: Mt. Carmel, Illinois
Date of Death: 01/15/1988 (Age 85)
Place of Death: Quaktertown, Pennsylvania

Discipline: Painter, Illustrator

Biography: James W. Schucker was an artist who lived in the Quakertown area. He became well known for his illustrations and for his portraiture. He was a versatile artist, who worked in watercolor and oil. 

For the past 45 years he made illustrations for national periodicals as well as magazines, including the Saturday Evening Post, Reader's Digest, American Magazine, and Colliers. Schucker completed religious illustrations, illustrations for children's books, and illustrations for books on horses, which he was especially fond of. A close friend of Norman Rockwell, he was a successful illustrator and received many awards. He also did advertising campaigns for companies such as Quaker State Motor Oil, Travelers Insurance Company, Seagram-Distillers Corporation, and Coca-Cola during World War II.

One example that reflected Schucker's versatility was a mural he completed in New York's Botanical Garden. It is 5 1/2 by 48 feet, and traces the history of the P. Lorillard Company from its early days.